Magoosh GRE reviews | Review of Magoosh GRE prep

Magoosh reviews

Magoosh GRE is a full online course study plan that helps students master knowledge skills on various subjects as well as evaluate their learning progress. Since all courses offered here are online, you are only required to have computer, smart phone or a tablet to start with. You can navigate to your Magoosh GRE Account anywhere anytime provided that you have a device that you are comfortable with. They have good platforms where you can manage your schedule and check your progress or even video lectures at your own free time. However, like other study websites, this site has both great features and shortcomings, which you should be aware before taking any online course in this platform.So, in this article I have written most update Magoosh Gre reviews, check that out.

Magoosh GRE advantages:


They have a time study-schedule ranging from one week to six months. This study time schedule is great for everyone since it’s available on their blog depending on the amount of time available for your GRE exams. Besides, the site comes with other Free Resource like GRE flashcard which are really good.

Flexible Plans:

This site comes with flexible plans that suits all students. Some are weak in Sciences especially Math related subjects, others are weak in Analytical Writing or Verbal Evaluation, and a lot of students will want to train both. Therefore, Magoosh GRE comes with plans that meets all student’s needs. However, for you to score high grades in your GRE assessments, I would recommend that you purchase Magoosh GRE premium plan.

Study Materials:

When it comes to study materials, magoosh has videos on almost all GRE topics, as well as many practice questions, math formula plan and vocabulary flashcards alongside other GRE-related study materials. Since it’s an active blog with lots of GRE articles, you will find many GRE vocabulary articles in this site. There are lots of free and high quality information as well as study materials on their site.

Money Back Guarantee:

Some people will take GRE exam and will not be satisfied with the results thus will also want to retake GRE courses without spending their money. Magoosh will enable them get these solutions. Magoosh will add +5 guarantee points on your GRE score provided that you’ve registered for premium plan. In addition, they award +2 Guarantee points provides that you register for Verbal or Math program. What you are required to do is just submit your GRE exam previous details and register for this program. If you will not score +5 in your previous GRE exam, then you will be refunded fully. You can as well take magoosh 7-day test drive before you sign up.

Magoosh GRE shortcomings:

Too much video content:

Given that there many videos on thus site, it may take a lot of time to understand the content, spending your time solving problems is better than watching video tutorials. Developing better math skills or perfect reading requires practice and text explanations respectively than listening or watching.

Fewer Free Practice Exam:

One big drawback of Magoosh GRE is that it provides only four free GRE online practice tests. Other sites including Kaplan, Princeton and Manhattan provides a minimum of 5 GRE online practice tests.

No live tutoring:

Unlike other GRE sites that offers live tutoring, Magoosh features recorded lectures that you can watch anytime, but they don’t offer one to one or live lecturing option. Fortunately, they have video tutors for every practice task therefore it’s always not a difficult task to understand the problem.

Final Verdict:

Since it is always difficult to find a GRE tutoring site free from any shortcomings, I would recommend that you shop around. Look for more information and necessary details about GRE platforms before you take a study course. Be wary not to take GRE courses on sites which are not well informed. The time you in choosing the best GRE study schedule will earn you more skills and knowledge besides scoring high grades ultimately.